Image_001The Way Forward

North Carolina is a Vision Zero State—even one fatality is too many on our roadways.  This Plan articulates the way forward to achieve Vision Zero.  The Plan’s vision, mission, and goals guide the development and implementation of strategies and actions to achieve Vision Zero.


Through our partnerships, we foster safety awareness and provide safe access throughout North Carolina for all users and modes of travel such that everyone arrives safely at their destination.


Establish a collaborative, strategic approach to the identification and implementation of safety improvement programs and policies to achieve the statewide goals to reduce fatalities and serious injuries related to crashes on North Carolina’s transportation system.


Cut the fatalities and serious injuries in North Carolina in half based on the 2013 figures, reducing the total annual fatalities by 630 fatalities and the total serious injuries by 1,055 serious injuries before 2030.

The vision provides the long-range guiding light for the Plan.  The mission articulates the motivation of the safety stakeholders who developed the Plan and undertake the responsibility of implementation.  The goals provide an aggressive but achievable measure for the safety of all users on North Carolina’s highways.

Emphasis Areas

The goals of the Plan will be achieved through the implementation of strategies and actions in nine safety Emphasis Areas.